> This seems like a job for ulimit.
Damien pointed that out as: ulimit -c 0

> Though, I would be more curious about why your applications are
> crashing so as to generate core files in the first place.

Well, this MAJOR annoyance lies somewhere between Radeon-KMS and gnome3's 
graphics/cairo. This started some 3 months back and I can only get some level 
of normalcy when I build cairo using "with_debug=1". Very strange. Also, a 
number of apps just flat-out refuse to start; most notably mozilla's firefox & 
seamonkey. Monsieur P├ędron is aware of the problem, although as stated it's 
been over 3 months.

While I'm on a roll :P
One major peeve is that installed apps fail to create an icon in the desktop 
menu structure. I know that
a) maintainer must set DESKTOP_ENTRIES in the Makefile OR
b) users can add appname.desktop in /usr/local/share/applications/
but as a dreamer, I know there has to be a better solution other than badgering 
maintainers or slogging through the task of adding menu shortcut items?

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