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> I personally use pf for many reasons, spamd included. I don't think anyone 
> out there is interested in forking spamd to play ball with ipfw so we would 
> also be alienating these users who can't just change packet filters. Is there 
> even an equivalent to pfsync for ipfw? I didn't think so, but I could be 
> wrong... 
> In the world of firewalls pf has been put on a quite a pedestal. OpenBSD 
> pushed it hard and it marketed it well; people found it both powerful and 
> easy to use which created a cult following and lots of word of mouth 
> advertising. I find it hard to agree with removing pf from FreeBSD because of 
> the existing userbase. If there was an experimental label on it I would find 
> its removal easier to swallow.

I have remained silent on this for two reasons:

1. I am a consumer of FreeBSD. I am a sysadmin, I am NOT a coder and *I* would 
not want any code that *I* wrote in the kernel of an OS that I was running. I 
know my limitations. So I could not contribute to the development of pf in 

2. Where I use packet filters on a host, and that is not very much, I tend to 
use ipfilter because in those case my needs are simple. For heavy duty (read: 
gateway) filtering I use commercial firewalls like the Checkpoint 600 series. 
So the inclusion or exclusion of pf has no direct effect on me.

Having said all that, the reason I use FreeBSD over other open source OSes 
right now is that it is, in my opinion, the most “grown up” option. I have 
never seen Linux as an Enterprise tier OS due to a number of basic design 
decisions made by Linus and those around him. Illumos is very good, but fairly 
narrow in both it’s hardware support and feature set. I never took a long hard 
look at the other BSDs as FreeBSD was recommended by a friend and I liked what 
I found, ESPECIALLY the documentation in the Handbook.

I have read a lot of arguments on both sides of the pf in FreeBSD debate over 
the past weeks. Realistically I think what it comes down to is whether there is 
someone, a person, an individual with the necessary skill set and drive and 
desire (and that can be motivated by funding) to take ownership of it and run 
with it. If there is not, then I think pf in FreeBSD dies. No matter how many 
people want it to continue, no matter if it is best for FreeBSD for it to 
continue. Without someone to take ownership of it, then even if it continues it 
will not be top quality, and having something in FreeBSD that is not top 
quality would be a mistake (IMHO).

Paul Kraus

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