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>  It should probably error out instead, since the build
> environment isn't sane at this point.  I ran into this probably a few
> weeks back.
>> The only thing the FreeBSD build is good at, really, is
>> building in /usr/src for the host. The rest is just not
>> up to par and I think it harms FreeBSD beyond belief.
> I have no problems building outside of /usr/src.

It's not a problem in the sense that it cannot be done, but
just think about having to share a machine with a bunch of
people and you don't own the machine.
You quickly realize that without MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX or with
files in /etc (like /etc/make.conf) that you can't tweak,
you quick;y realize how error prone everything and how
much time you end up wasting.

Marcel Moolenaar

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