On 10/25/14, 5:49 AM, Peter Wemm wrote:
On Friday, October 24, 2014 04:43:28 PM Robert Watson wrote:
On Thu, 23 Oct 2014, Rick Macklem wrote:
Someone just pinged me on this and I figured I should bring it up.

1 - Is anyone out there still using oldnfs due to unresolved

    problems with the new one? (I am not aware of any outstanding
    issues in the new nfs that don't exist in the oldnfs.)

2 - Does anyone see a problem with getting rid of oldnfs for


3 - If I get rid of it in -head, I can do it either in mid-December

    or mid-April. (I can't do commits during the winter.)
    Does anyone have a rough idea when the 11.0 release cycle will
    start, so I can choose which of the above would be preferable?
    (I figured I'd wait until after the last 10.n release that happens
before 11.0, since it will be easier to MFC before the removal of

Thanks in advance for any comments, rick
ps: John, I've cc'd you since I thought you are the guy most likely to

    need to do commits/MFCs to oldnfs.
I think removing it is fine, but as early as possible (as John says) to give
our -CURRENT users time to stop working around bugs and start reporting
We still use oldnfs at work, even on 11.x, but I'm very much in favor of
getting back to one single copy.  It seems like there's too many things that
are fixed in one stack or the other.,  We need to stop splitting effort.

I've asked Rick before to remove it and get back to just "nfs" rather than
"newnfs" etc.

We (work) have a lot of changes to the old nfs server in 8
We will have to port them all to the new server I guess as we go forward..
Rick, maybe I can run the diff past you privately for comment.

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