>> to get pxeboot to do v3, add to /boot/loader.conf
>> boot-nfsroot-options=“nfsv3”
Thanks. I'm using grub for the bootloader and menu, and comparable entry should 
set kfreebsd.boot.nfsroot.options="nfsv3"
It does not work however. mount_root hangs for a while then reverts to V2. I've 
asked about this on the grub-devel list, and will share the answer here.

Would it be worth trying to pass a nolockd option for this? As you had stated 
in another thread,
"For NFSv3 mounts, I'd suggest the nolockd option, unless you have multiple 
clients concurrently doing byte range locking on the same file. (With "nolockd" 
option on the mounts, you shouldn't need to run rpc.lockd, rpc.statd and that 
implies NFSLOCKD shouldn't be needed, too.)"
Should I try this? If yes, how is it done?

>> Just fyi, "hard" is the default and "intr" is an alternative to "hard", so 
>> I'm not sure what you get when specifying both? You should choose one or the 
>> other. (You will get "hard" for the first 2 entries.)
Thanks. Corrected by removing both.

Have not gotten around to trying the code yet and thanks.

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