Hmm not sure I like this idea as it would make it more difficult to make a copy / backup a kernel.

ATM when I want to copy a kernel for debugging its a one liner, splitting debug symbols off to /usr/lib would prevent this.

Is there not a way to allow separate install of the debug files but to the same location maintaining compartmentalization for the needed kernel files?

On 29/10/2014 00:20, Ed Maste wrote:
I am preparing to move the standalone kernel debug data out of
/boot/kernel/ into /usr/lib/debug/boot/kernel/, mirroring the approach
used for userland debug data. This significantly reduces the boot
partition size requirement, and is a step towards supporting the
installation of kernel debug data ony when required. LLDB and GDB
automatically search for debug data under /usr/lib/debug/ so this
change should be transparent from an end-user perspective.

The change can be reviewed in Phabricator at and can be fetched as a unified diff

This does not change any defaults or knobs: kernel debug files are
still built by default, and may be disabled by setting
WITHOUT_KERNEL_SYMBOLS=YES in /etc/src.conf. I hope to rationalize
this with userland debug in a later step.

Note that the change renames the intermediate and debug data files to
be consistent with userland debug data: in the build directory the
kernel with debug data included is now named kernel.full, and and
kernel.debug is the standalone debug data file.

I plan to merge this in a few days if there are no issues reported in
further review or testing.

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