On 30/10/2014 08:24, O'Connor, Daniel wrote:
On 30 Oct 2014, at 13:23, Steven Hartland <kill...@multiplay.co.uk> wrote:
Making things harder to manage vs saving a little bit of space on the
root partition really doesn't sound like a good idea; especially when
with the ZFS install, which I would suggest is becoming the norm, the
root partition doesn't suffer from space issues anyway.
Note that it’s not “a little bit” of space.
[freebsd10 8:21] /boot/kernel >ll kernel *.ko| awk '{i += $5} END {print $5}'
[freebsd10 8:21] /boot/kernel >ll *.symbols | awk '{i += $5} END {print $5}’

i.e. the debug information is more than 4x larger than the code its for (!).
That's still a trivial about of space in the grand scheme of things.
I agree managing the symbol files does become significantly more difficult in this 
case but the patch makes quite a substantial difference to the number of kernels 
you can keep in / (especially on older installs which have <1GB roots).
The better solution is to not use a 1GB root.
Perhaps there could be a flag to disable it just for the kernel that could be 
put into /etc/make.conf? That way it’s set and forget if you are kernel 
Making it a none default option which can be used by those who have got limited space on their root.

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