Fir the clang 3.4 import, I had some patches (that never got applied), which 
used clang -O0 and then opt with some custom optimisation order to get a 
reasonable size saving.  It might be worth trying that, so that future changes 
to the default optimisation order don't make things worse again.


On 21 Nov 2014, at 12:56, Roman Divacky <> wrote:

> Hi all!
> In an effort to help import clang3.5 I looked at squeezing a few more bytes
> from boot2.
> Please test and review the patch. It survived my qemu boot attempt so it's
> not completely broken. But I would like to have some more testing and review
> comments before I move forward with this.
> Fwiw, it shrinks boot2 by 16 bytes when compiled with clang34 and by 28 bytes
> when compiled with clang35.
> Thanks! Roman
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