Would you be able to narrow it down to a small range of commits?
that'll make it easier to chase down. :)



On 25 December 2014 at 10:42, O. Hartmann <ohart...@zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
> Since 23rd's update of CURRENT, the kernel fails to boot on systems that boot 
> via EFI.
> Systems with legacy booting seem not to be affected.
> I just ran today into the problem updating a notebook with a Intel Haswell 
> Intel i5-4200M
> CPU (Haswell) on a Lenovo ThinkPad E540, bboting via UEFI, CURRENT r276200. 
> The very same
> caode base is running on several other boxes which boot via legacy method. 
> The very same
> failure showed up at the lab on an older HP Compaq 8300 system, based on H81 
> chipset
> equipted with an Ivy-Bridge CPU, booting also via EFI. That box stops at the 
> exact same
> spot as the notebook does.
> The systems in question, also the legacy booting systems (aka the oldstyle 
> loader boot
> method), load drm2, i915kms.
> Booting old kernel/modules (via "boot kernel.old"), at CURRENT r275896 is all 
> right.
> What is happening here?
> Merry christmas day,
> oh
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