Please, pardon me for this intrusion. No further emails will be sent to you.

I recently designed a website called directoris.com (a Business Portal) but I am at a 
stage where I need financial investment and more people to work with me on this huge 

Mainly, directoris.com will offer:

1 - Online tools services, and information for businesses (Business Center Section)
2 - Online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers (Trade Leads Section)
3 - Business-related products (Shopping Section)
4 - Business-related news and information (Global News Section)
5 - Directories of companies, products, services, websites, etc. (Databases Section)

Please, take a look at http://www.directoris.com and let me know whether you can help 
me financially. Of course, this website is not fully working at the moment but if you 
are interested in this project you will get the idea.

We also have a special introductory offer on banner advertising.
We will be happy to give you any further information you may need.

Thank you again for giving me your time and let me apologize in advance for any 
inconvenience this email may have caused.

Best Regards


PS: You can register your company, products, services, etc. in our database. This part 
is working.

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