Is anyone else observing kernel panics in the NFS code with Alpha
(pc164) and rl0 (the Alpha is running as a client only) ?

NFS worked just fine when I had a de0 in the box. After installing an
rl0 (I know they suck, but they're so cheap :) I _always_ get an
unaligned access panic when I try to access an NFS mounted FS, in any

Other network activities like telnet, ftp and cvsup cause no panics,
so it doesn't seem to a problem in the IP stack or the rl driver itself.

I have a crash dump, but I haven't analyzed it yet. Just looking for
reports from other users.

BTW I've seen this panic with various kernels, including one with
sources cvsup'd yesterday (about 10 AM MEST).

BTW2 the server (an x86 with rl0) is also running -current of the
same vintage.


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