Maybe I should add (if no-one noticed it yet) that this is cross-build
for ARM.
I wouldn't attempt to upgrade host itself over two major versions.

I think it's totally insane how you can't build other major versions &
9.x can't make 11.x (well, you can, if using gcc bootstrap), and I heard
that 10.x can't make 9.x...
I mean, build should start "clean", building all things that are needed
to bootstrap. If needed, building some tools two times to get into right
environment (host -> bootstrap -> bootstrap -> build).
Of course, i realize how much work that would be... But this would make
it possible to build things across all supported major versions and
across arches where it's not too hard to support (for example, MIPS ->
amd64 likely doesn't make sense, but i386/amd64 -> ARM/MIPS/... likely
has uses).
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