Ranjan1018 . sent: 27 January 2015 23:42:
> my Samsung laptop has an Intel IvyBridge: [snip]
> The regression was introduced in r277487.
> The backlight adjustment works in FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT r277395, r277486
> but not in r277487, r277534 and r277639.

Hrm.  That is interesting.  A few questions I have then.

- What happens if you set drm.i915.invert_brightness to -1 in kenv(1) or 

- What happens if you set drm.i915.invert_brightness to 1 in kenv(1) or 

- What version of graphics/libdrm do you have installed?  Did you rebuild it 
after installing the new kernel?  (This shouldn't be necessary, but I am trying 
to gather all details.)

Let's start there and see if we can pin down a cause.

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