Trent Nelson wrote:
> Ted Sikora wrote:
> >
> > I have been getting these messages from my kernel for some time now.
> > Could the culprit be these 2 isa cards:
> > non-pnp SB16 sbc0
> > ne2000 ed0
> > They are on a SMP BP6
>         I've posted a message both to current and questions about this now. I'm
> experiencing the same thing with roughly the same I/O addresses being
> claimed. I doubt it has anything to do with the ISA cards you mention as
> many of the addresses relate to things like the DMA registers/timer and
> other associated resources.
>         Could someone please either take a look at this, or give an
> authoritative comment as to why it's happening.
>         If someone points me in the direction of the particular code where the
> unknown driver is claiming the devices; I'll make an attempt to take a
> look at it myself.
> > May  3 14:53:19 telecast /kernel: unknown0: <PNP0000> at port
> > 0x20-0x21,0xa0-0xa1 irq 2 on isa0
> > May  3 14:53:19 telecast /kernel: unknown1: <PNP0200> at port
> > 0-0xf,0x81-0x83,0x87,0x89-0x8b,0x8f-0x91,0xc0-0xdf drq 4 on isa0

Your right the addresses seem to be standard machine resources. Are you
using SMP? The irq's are remapped on a SMP machine so maybe that's were
the trouble lies? The PNP tag is what has me stumped. I replaced the isa
cards with pci this evening out of curiosity...same thing.
Ted Sikora
Jtl Development Group 

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