On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 8:19 AM, Elizabeth Myers <elizab...@interlinked.me>

> On 01/31/15 02:15, Miguel Clara wrote:
> > Working fine on a HP running current as I've noted in the other thread
> > as for the keys.
> > This one (and most HP Pavillion models) use the Fn+F(2/3) but the keys,
> > and my Acer (and I think not all are like this) use "Fn+<-/->"
> If your keys work (as in, they do things in FreeBSD), does sysctl and
> the keys work together just fine with no weird effects?
> The only weird problem I could possibly think of that could come up is
> that the keys do a simple add/subtract to the PCM values, and so the
> brightness ends up wrong. See if that happens.
Well, in the HP the keys don't do nothing it seems not even "xev" reports
anything when I use them, but they could be wrongly mapped maybe...

On the acer I do see keycodes from xev, but Im using lumina and If I try to
map them to anything it doesn't work... I'll see what happens after reboot

> Cheers,
> Elizabeth Myers
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