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> 31.01.2015 10:30, Miguel Clara пишет:
> > On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 8:19 AM, Elizabeth Myers <
> elizab...@interlinked.me>
> > wrote:
> >
> >> On 01/31/15 02:15, Miguel Clara wrote:
> >>> Working fine on a HP running current as I've noted in the other thread
> >>> as for the keys.
> >>> This one (and most HP Pavillion models) use the Fn+F(2/3) but the keys,
> >>> and my Acer (and I think not all are like this) use "Fn+<-/->"
> >> If your keys work (as in, they do things in FreeBSD), does sysctl and
> >> the keys work together just fine with no weird effects?
> >>
> >> The only weird problem I could possibly think of that could come up is
> >> that the keys do a simple add/subtract to the PCM values, and so the
> >> brightness ends up wrong. See if that happens.
> >>
> >>
> > Well, in the HP the keys don't do nothing it seems not even "xev" reports
> > anything when I use them, but they could be wrongly mapped maybe...
> >
> > On the acer I do see keycodes from xev, but Im using lumina and If I try
> to
> > map them to anything it doesn't work... I'll see what happens after
> reboot
> > though.
> >
> >
> All works fine (sysctl and Fn-keys) on my Thinkpad E530 with IvyBridge!

I my case it seems the issue wih the keys is that FreeBSD doesn't really
"know about them".

In the Acer laptop, it compiled and installed fine, and after reboot the
sysctl works awesome, but I add to map the keycodes in fluxbox:
None 239        :Exec   intel_backlight decr
None 123        :Exec   intel_backlight incr

I use the intel_backlight program still cause its easier to send the "decr"
and "incr".
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