In FreeBSD 9, examining the VM map of a process (with e.g. 'procstat -v') with a tmpfs file mapped showed a VNODE type and displayed the file path. In 10.0 up to CURRENT (I believe this started at r250030), instead SWAP is shown without a filepath.

This has some unfortunate consequences; I discovered this problem when trying to use dtrace's pid provider, which fails to find symbols for executables running from tmpfs.

I've attached a patch which will repair procstat/dtrace. There are a few other places such a patch would be needed. I'm willing to put together such a patch, but would like to first hear some feedback that this seems like a reasonable approach, or if there's anything I've missed.



Index: sys/kern/kern_proc.c
--- sys/kern/kern_proc.c	(revision 277957)
+++ sys/kern/kern_proc.c	(working copy)
@@ -2337,6 +2337,11 @@
 			case OBJT_SWAP:
 				kve->kve_type = KVME_TYPE_SWAP;
+				if ((lobj->flags & OBJ_TMPFS) != 0)
+				{
+					vp = lobj->un_pager.swp.swp_tmpfs;
+					vref(vp);
+				}
 			case OBJT_DEVICE:
 				kve->kve_type = KVME_TYPE_DEVICE;
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