I was recently struck by this problem:

   Machine running 3.4-STABLE has multiple IP addresses on each
   of two network interfaces.

   IP addresses on network interfaces are exchanged for debugging.  (de0
   gets the IP addresses that de1 had, and vice versa).  Machine is

   Connectivity is now lost to secondary IP addresses on each interface,
   presumably because upstream router's arp cache still has old entries.
   Said router's arp timeout is long and said router is not under my
   control.  Router administrator eventually forces a cache flush some
   time later, which restores connectivity.

I think a possible solution would be for some future release of
FreeBSD-CURRENT to send a gratuituous arp packet, at boot time, for each
IP address on each interface.  

(It appears that FreeBSD does send a gratuituous arp but only for the
primary IP address on each interface -- connectivity to the primary IP
addresses was observed to be intact after the reboot.)

Please correct me if I am making any wrong assumptions.
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