> By "gratuituous arp" I was really saying "gratuitous arp reply".
> The machine needs to send a packet of the type
>    arp reply is-at 0:40:5:42:d6:de
> Rahul

That won't achieve the desired result, which is to complain if someone 
_else_ replies to the arp request that we send.

The above is achieved by virtue of sending the ARP request (anyone 
watching ARP messages will learn that we are the address in the "tell 
x.x.x.x" field).  What we're trying to provoke is someone else saying 
x.x.x.x is-at xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx, which will result in a console message 
on our system informing the administrator that someone else is already 
using that IP address.

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