Can someone explain to me why pax(1) has (undocumented) switches which
select some tape devices, but apparently randomly numbered ones:

>From tar.h:

 * default device names
#define DEV_0           "/dev/rmt0"
#define DEV_1           "/dev/rmt1"
#define DEV_4           "/dev/rmt4"
#define DEV_5           "/dev/rmt5"
#define DEV_7           "/dev/rmt7"
#define DEV_8           "/dev/rmt8"

These are selectable through -0, -1, -4, etc. Nevermind the fact that they
point to devices which have never existed in FreeBSD, but why on earth
wouldn't you want -2, -3, or -6?

Anyway, does anyone see the point in leaving these in (changing the
devices to /dev/rsa<#> and documenting their existence), or should I rip
them out?


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