In the last episode (May 08), Warner Losh said:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Matthew Jacob 
> : Oh, and in the updating of this, don't forget the FreeBSD usage of
> : .ctl for tape devices- as far as I know this is the only *BSD that
> : has this.
> Which devices use .ctl?  sa and ast don't seem to use them now (at
> the very least they aren't created by MAKEDEV by default).

*.ctl is handy for getting status on a device that another process has
open; if I'm dumping to /dev/nrsa0, I can run "mt -f /dev/rsa0.ctl
status" on another tty and see what file/block position the tape is at. 
Dunno if it has any other use :)

        Dan Nelson

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