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> To solve this problem I propose a simple solution: self-serve commit
> access.  We create a web service on accounts.freebsd.org via which
> users can create themselves a freefall account.  In addition to a
> freefall account, the identical username would be created for the wiki
> and phabricator, bugzilla, and any other service we might provide.

I support the creation of accounts.freebsd.org.

I suggest that we use PWM ( http://code.google.com/p/pwm/ ) as
a web-based front-end to a back-end LDAP database.

The FreeBSD cluster already has LDAP (

The FreeBSD cluster LDAP + Kerberos back-end infrastructure is something
developed by clusteradm
(most likely Peter Wemm).  It works quite well.   I succeeded in
using the FreeBSD cluster LDAP system for Jenkins authentication, and
it just worked like a champ.

The FreeBSD cluster LDAP system just needs a better front-end that is more
user friendly, and easier to manage.

If you log into hub.freebsd.org and look at /etc/aliases, you will
see that there are 12 people who receive clusteradm e-mails.
My experience working with Jenkins is that only about 2-3 people
actively do clusteradm work, and they are *way* overloaded.

If we could have accounts.freebsd.org which streamlines a lot of
the account creation and management, and works across many
modern web applications, that would be super cool, and would
hopefully reduce the load on clusteradm!

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