* From: Kenneth Wayne Culver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

 * dependancies, I think it would be a nice idea to add an option to
 * pkg_delete to automatically delete all dependancies that aren't currently
 * used by anything else. If nobody is interested in doing this, I can do it

Be careful about that "aren't currently used by anything else" part.
If you already had a port A installed, and then later installed B
(which just happens to depend on A), you could get A erased when you
erase B.

You probably need to change pkg_add too, so that it will note
somewhere on A's dependency list that it was installed by which port,
and let pkg_delete check it.

It usually goes like this:

 @ install B, pkg_add installs A too, and mark A that it was
   "installed by B"
 @ deinstall B, pkg_delete checks A, finds the mark and deletes it too

While, if you had installed A beforehand, it will be like:

 @ install A
   (...few months pass...)
 @ install B, nothing special happens re the flag
 @ deinstall B, pkg_delete checks A and doesn't find the flag, so
   doesn't delete it

You can also add a flag to pkg_delete to override said check in case
you know you installed A just for the purpose of installing B.

If you come up with the file format and patches to pkg_*, I'll modify
bsd.port.mk so it will DTRT on dependencies installed by "make


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