On 8 May 2000, Satoshi - Ports Wraith - Asami wrote:

> Be careful about that "aren't currently used by anything else" part.
> If you already had a port A installed, and then later installed B
> (which just happens to depend on A), you could get A erased when you
> erase B.

Have a -n mode (-nothing) which prints a list of actions it would take so
you can review.

> You probably need to change pkg_add too, so that it will note
> somewhere on A's dependency list that it was installed by which port,
> and let pkg_delete check it.

This could be done with an extra binary field in +REQUIRED_BY showing
whether the package was installed by a parent. pkg_delete would
recursively remove it if 1) There was only a single +REQUIRED_BY entry,
and 2) The parent package bit is set.


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