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> We're looking at dual-booting FreeBSD and Win95.  We're thinking of booting

Wow, I like your problem.  It's really weird, and I like weird problems. :)

Since you are looking at automating a complicated process,
here is a crazy idea which you might want to consider

(1)  Get two machines, interconnect them via a small Ethernet switch.
(2)  Designate one machine as a PXE server, and the other as your test
(3)  Set up a FreeBSD PXE boot environment wit NFS root, as per:
(4)  Figure out how to PXE boot a Windows95 environment.  There are
articles out there for PXE booting FreeDOS which might be a place to start:


On the DHCP server, you can modify dhcpd.conf to change which OS will boot
via PXE boot.
If you can:
   -> automate the reboot of your test server
   -> automate the modification of dhcpd.conf on your PXE server via some

then you might be able to get it to work. :)
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