On Mon, 8 May 2000, Warner Losh wrote:

> Leaving aside the 'r' question for the moment...
> Should that be sa or ast?  sa is the scsi device for any tape device
> (formerly st or mt), while ast is for ide/atapi based tape drives.

It should be ssa and asa, of course :-).

> The wt and wst devices referenced in our man pages are just plain
> bogus.  I think we've killed all ft references in the tree...

No, wst is still used by pc98, and wt is the Wangtek tape driver.

wst and ast are weird names.  Doesn't the "s" in them stand for "SCSI"
and not "streaming", so wst is the so-called-Winchester (non-SCSI) SCSI
tape driver, etc?  For completeness, we should have had nrrrwsst (the
non-rewinding rewinding raw so-called-Winchester streaming SCSI tape
driver) ;-).  Seriously, why aren't there "n" and "e" forms of ast?


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