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: On Mon, 8 May 2000, Warner Losh wrote:
: > Leaving aside the 'r' question for the moment...
: > 
: > Should that be sa or ast?  sa is the scsi device for any tape device
: > (formerly st or mt), while ast is for ide/atapi based tape drives.
: It should be ssa and asa, of course :-).

:-)  We should at least add a referecne to ast.  However, there is no
ast man page.

: > The wt and wst devices referenced in our man pages are just plain
: > bogus.  I think we've killed all ft references in the tree...
: No, wst is still used by pc98, and wt is the Wangtek tape driver.


: wst and ast are weird names.  Doesn't the "s" in them stand for "SCSI"
: and not "streaming", so wst is the so-called-Winchester (non-SCSI) SCSI
: tape driver, etc?  For completeness, we should have had nrrrwsst (the
: non-rewinding rewinding raw so-called-Winchester streaming SCSI tape
: driver) ;-).  Seriously, why aren't there "n" and "e" forms of ast?

IIRC, The s in st is streaming.  Since there was only one streaming
tape driver, it wasn't called sst and the name came over from SunOS
(but there may be a more direct path via the BSD trees).  However,
this argument is weak because sd was the scsi disk and not the
streaming disk.

I don't know why there aren't n forms.  There are on my system, but I
crated the devices by hand based on the st entries that I had when I
was beta testing Soren's wst driver (later recreated them for the ast


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