On Tue, 9 May 2000, David O'Brien wrote:

>On Tue, May 09, 2000 at 01:23:09PM -0400, Adam wrote:
>> >And are only used for Ports.  Thus their behavior defines the behavior of
>> >the Ports Collection.  Thus it is a Ports issue.  IF the pkg_* utils were
>> >ports, how would you install them??
>> Am I missing something?  I thought ports only need some .mk files and
>> make?  (Along with tools to get those there, including the port itself, at
>> most fetch or ftp, and tar?)
>Packages (ie, those things that pkg_{create,add,delete,info} operate on
>are created with in /usr/ports.  When one builds a port and installs it,
>pkg_{create,add} is run on the backend behind your back.  If you 
>``make package'' yourself, you will get a package tarball.  These are the
>files on the FTP site and CDROM disc in the package/ dir.  You install
>these by ``pkg_add foo''.  You delete the package (ie, the thing built in
>/usr/ports) with ``pkg_delete foo''.
>Hopefully some day, parts of the /usr/src bits will be installed with the
>pkg_* utils, but today only things in /usr/ports are used with the pkg_*

Ahh I see now that I try renaming pkg_create and installing a port,
however the program is not needed until the very end when it registers (or
tries to make an actual package if you "make package").  I cant comment on
the complexity of registering a port as an installed package because I
havent read the code, but it doesnt look too complex according to whats in
/var/db/pkg... perhaps more makefile things could be done to register a
package.  I am seeing +COMMENT        +CONTENTS       +DESC
in a simple port dir, and if it depends on other things,
+REQUIRED_BY... thinking optimistically that this stuff could be acheived
with simple commands like echo myport >> /var/db/foo/+REQUIRED_BY, and
maybe grep to help with removing things from REQ...

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