Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> I just updated an i386 machine after a month to the latest 5.0-CURRENT,
> and I now get some strange boot messages:
> isa0: too many memory ranges
> ...
> unknown0: <PNP0000> at port 0x20-0x21,0xa0-0xa1 irq 2 on isa0
> unknown1: <PNP0200> at port 0-0xf,0x81-0x83,0x87,0x89-0x8b,0x8f-0x91,0xc0-0xdf drq 4 
>on isa0

Mike Smith wrote:
> > >         Could someone please either take a look at this, or give an
> > > authoritative comment as to why it's happening.
> This is the ISA PnP code reporting devices enumerated via the PnP BIOS.
> At the moment, our support code isn't smart enough to use either the PnP
> interface or the resource manager, so the unknown device claims these
> resources to prevent anyone else trying to use them.  It's quite
> harmless, and once things are cleaned up, you won't even see the messages.

        Something else I've noticed in the mean time is that PnP devices like
my printer - that are also on buses that are probed for PnP devices -
end up being probed twice at boot time.

        Can anyone give an ETA on when this "support code", as Mike puts it,
will work properly?

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