> > IF and ONLY IF the PNPBIOS code is causing your machine to fail, do the
> > following:
> >
> >  - Send me FULL DETAILS; this will need to include the trap messages and,
> >    if the trap is in the kernel, a DDB traceback.
> >
> The described situation actually occured to me tonight (5-28-2000) while
> trying to install.
> Rather than check the list for a solution, I went back to the 4.0 boot disks
> (which worked really well) and changed them to setup a snapshot
> (5.0-20000528-CURRENT).
> If you so desire (which presumably is the case), I can just boot up the
> current floppies and try to send you the information you request.

I can't imagine not being interested in working out what's going wrong, 
so please, if you could, do so.  Let me know what your hardware is as 
well, please.

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