> On 20 Jul 2015, at 11:40, Simon J. Gerraty <s...@juniper.net> wrote:
> O'Connor, Daniel <dar...@dons.net.au> wrote:
>>>> So, it seems MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX only works as an environmental variable
>> Weird, I could have sworn I have set it on the command line and had it
>> work, but..
> In most "normal" usage you will likely not notice a difference.
> It is only when a makefile is "being clever" that things go south when
> you break its expectations.

I guess, buildworld is pretty clever though :)

>>> I thought there was a check in src/Makefile for that.
>> Not so far as I can tell - it certainly gets quite far before blowing
>> up with a non useful error message :)
> The check in src/Makefile is only guarding against MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX set
> in say make.conf, it explicitly discards the possibility of setting
> MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX on command line - which seems wrong.
> Also with bmake, you *can* usefully set MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX in a makefile
> since the choice of .OBJDIR can be made after make starts reading
> makefiles.
> So the current test is perhaps out dated on that score too - though
> only if something like auto.obj.mk is being used (-DWITH_AUTO_OBJ)
> which I don't think I've tested with buildworld.

I know sod all about *make but as an 'end user' a seat belt to warn about this 
problem would be Really Nice (tm).

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