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Ed Schouten <e...@nuxi.nl> wrote:

> Hi there,
> 2015-08-11 10:44 GMT+02:00 O. Hartmann <ohart...@zedat.fu-berlin.de>:
> > ftpd starts sometimes, sporadically, and dies somewhere in the process.
> > Connections to the ftpd aren't possible. Sockstat doesn't even show up a
> > TCP/IP socket (21, ftp/tcp) where the daemon is supposed to listen for
> > incoming connection - I see only udp4 (connecting to
> > local_unbound/ This is strange ...
> That's annoying. We should fix that.
> I recently made some changes to shutdown(2), but a grep reveals that
> ftpd doesn't call that function anywhere. Phew! The last changes made
> to ftpd are related to libxo. Adding marcel@, just to be sure.
> In the meantime, could you maybe run truss(8) over ftpd and send us the
> output?
> Thanks,

I have real issues understanding FreeBSD's ftpd!

Man page "ftpusers(5)" states, that an entry "username allow" will allow access
to ftpd. But every user listed in /etc/ftpusers is denied access, no matter
whether there is "allow" appended to the entry or not! This is strange.
Whenever I delete a user's name from that file I wish to have access to the
ftpd service, that user can login - but addig the users even as "username
allow" (no * in the file, nothing else but the initial users names) access is

I managed so far to start the ftpd via inetd - the service running
from /etc/rc.conf is still impossible. But operations, not even a simple "ls",
are possible since the service dies ...

Either I'm some kind of dull and do not understand this brillant peice of
software, or there is something really fishy.

regards and nice weekend,

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