On Sat, 12 Sep 2015, Mark R V Murray wrote:

I just caught this, on today’s build:

em0: Watchdog timeout Queue[0]-- resetting
Interface is RUNNING and ACTIVE
em0: TX Queue 0 ------
em0: hw tdh = 127, hw tdt = 139
em0: Tx Queue Status = -2147483648
em0: TX descriptors avail = 1012
em0: Tx Descriptors avail failure = 0
em0: RX Queue 0 ------
em0: hw rdh = 0, hw rdt = 1023
em0: RX discarded packets = 0
em0: RX Next to Check = 0
em0: RX Next to Refresh = 1023

[graveyard] /usr/ports 09:42 pm # uname -a
FreeBSD graveyard.grondar.org 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #0 r287705: Sat 
Sep 12 15:07:54 BST 2015     
r...@graveyard.grondar.org:/b/obj/usr/src/sys/G_AMD64_GATE  amd64

That happened on an amd64 10-STABLE (r287148) system here a couple of days ago. Both I217-V and 82574L cards in that system, but I did not save the message and can't say which had the error. Never seen before, has not happened again.
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