On 6-10-2015 06:28, Don Lewis wrote:
On  3 Oct, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
On 2-10-2015 23:32, Don Lewis wrote:
On  2 Oct, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:


10.2-STABLE FreeBSD 10.2-STABLE #0 r287102: Mon Aug 24

Processor: Opteron 6812, in Supermicro H8SGL

dev.cpu.7.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.6.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.5.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.4.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.3.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.2.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.1.temperature: 11.1C
dev.cpu.0.temperature: 11.1C

But I'm pretty sure it is not 11.1C in the datacenter....

If one boots into the BIOS, the BIOS suggests that it knows how to do
this conversion.... Perhaps one can question the ultimate correctness of
the outcome, but the 51.3C value suggests some accuracy.

That may be a measurement from a separate temperature sensor on the
motherboard underneath the CPU socket.

Interesting point....

Sort of hard to get there to see if that is really the fact.

But then it would be accessable for any of the other drivers/programs like lm* or smb* to get the readings?? Now only figure out which one of the many...


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