On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 12:23:06AM +0200, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been working for a while on bringing in Unicode string collation
> support by merging code from Illumos (by Garrett D'Amore who kindly made sure
> his work was made under BSD license) and Dragonfly (by John Marino), and some
> ancient work done on FreeBSD by edwin@ but never merged.
> The result is available in the projects/collation branch.
> As a result of this work, is:
> - Locales are now generated with the new localedef(1) tool from CLDR POSIX 
> files
> - The generated files are now identified as "BSD 1.0" format
> - Only "BSD 1.0" locales files are now read, all other version will be set to
>   "C"
> - The localedef(1) tool has been imported from Illumos and modidied to use
>   tree(3) instead of the CDDL avl(3)
> - A set of tool created by edwin@ and extended by marino@ for dragonfly has 
> been
>   added to be able to generate locales
> - Given our regex(3) does not support multibyte yet (actually it does not
>   support some single-byte codeset) it has been forced to always use locale C
> - Remove colldef(1) and mklocale(1)
> - Finish implementing the numeric BSD extension for ctypes
> - Add a bunch of new locales: some arabian locales, hebrew locales, some
>   regional locales, etc.
> - Make a bunch of ISO-8859-1 locales simple aliase on ISO-8859-15 where it 
> makes
>   sense
> - Add short version of locales
> - Add @euro aliases on the locales where that make sense
> Please test the branch and report issues.
> Note that yes that means the COLLATION_FIX patch on glib2 will not be 
> necessary
> anymore
> and yes the icu patch on postgresql will not be necessary anymore
> Best regards,
> Bapt

All issues reported has been fixed, except if more issues are reported, this
will be merged into head next saturday: November 7th


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