Hi everyone.
I'm on 11.0-CURRENT #0 r289580
I didn't find this in any archives, so I'm posting it here. Mine is a ZFS based 
system and I'm booting using GRUB2, not the FreeBSD loader.However, this works 
just fine on FreeBSD 10.2 etc.
But on 11.0-CURRENT this appears in boot message:...
KLD file linux.ko is missing dependencies
KLD file nvidia.ko is missing dependencies
...Accordingly, nvidia.ko is not loaded on boot. But when I afterwards manually 
`kldload nvidia`, it works just fine and the driver gets loaded.
Not sure if this is related, but on shutdown/reboot I also have some ZFS 
related debug output, of which I can only send a photo. Not attaching it now as 
I'm not sure how the mailing list software will react to this, but I'm ready to 
send it on demand.
 With kindest regards,
Kostya Berger
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