On 16 November 2015 at 12:30, Dan Partelly <dan_parte...@rdsor.ro> wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> No, no, none wasn't unwelcoming or cold.  Thanks for your responses
>> I plan on attacking the binary code reuse a bit by turning the
>> net80211 bits of ifconfig into a library and starting to use it from
>> other places
> This is great news. ifconfig is an obvious target. I personally am more 
> interested in the part dealing
> with ethernet from ifconfig, but if you are willing to help/mentor and direct 
> the effort maybe we can arrange something.
> How do you propose to proceed from here ?

I'm goign to start by taking the net80211 regdomain code out of
ifconfig and putting it in a library. There are some ioctl calls too
to manipulate the net80211 state and query it for things like scan
list, etc. I'm also going to try and pull those out into a library.

If you'd like to tackle something like this in ifconfig, I'd start by
say doing the same with software bridge support. It should be
relatively self contained and be a good target for turning into a

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