Management daemon with fine grained permission, extremely useful. Would Juniper 
consider donating to FreeBSD under a BSD license portions of this code, the 
MGD, which could be  reused in FreeBSD ? A fine grained permission system on 
daemon IPC and the scaffoldings of a management configuration daemon would help 
FreeBSD. I am very grateful your company helped us with libxo.  Now you could 
help with the other end of the system.  

So Juniper, thank you for contributing, and please help the OS who makes us all 


> On 17 Nov 2015, at 00:02, Simon J. Gerraty <> wrote:
> Dan Partelly <> wrote:
>>>> The ability to get machine parsable output from OS components is a big 
>>>> part of the success of Junos CLI, netconf etc.
>> Once you get machine parsable output, and feed it to your GUIs , WEB,
>> other tools, and modify it, how do you feed it back to your underlying
>> OS ?
> We didn't make any changes to the way tools are run as there was no
> need.
> All requests - whether from CLI, NETCONF etc, are channeled into the MGD
> (management daemon) to verify input, permissions etc (Junos implements
> very fine grained permission system), and act accordingly.
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