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> Personally I would have liked it if in '91 we had followed one very serious 
> suggestion,
> and implemented every user command as  a base 'library', and a tcl wrapper 
> script that gave the external behaviour. then every command could have been 
> made extensible to output various formats etc. by having an alternate tcl 
> script  to run in that case
>> believe it is being pushed by Juniper to make it easier to make appliances, 
>> but I'm not sure I remember correctly.
>>I remember that there was a set of slides somewhere that give the 
>>justifications and thinking behind it.

Well, I would have loved if that would have come to pass. 24 years of potential 
framework development .

I guess libxo solves some corner cases very well, such as the problem of “how 
can we with the least possible effort get information from OS
and display it in www based GUI.

  Juniper can further help FreeBSD by donating the code of their system 
management daemon  and their fine granularity permissions system. Most likely  
the BSDs  could reuse a component like this, given it was battle tested in 
Juniper products, even if it would need adaptation and re-factoring  to fit the 
management needs of a general purpose OS. 

I am grateful for    —libxo, but I would be much more grateful for a something  
like a management daemon and a fine granularity permission system. 
That would be a substantial contribution. 

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