I've just added support to our malta implementation to handle RAM up
to 2G. The qemu-system-mips* support for malta is limited to a max of
2G. It used to be limited to 256MB RAM.

This is useful for 32 bit mips as it gives us a stress test for the
non-all-direct-mapped case of > 256MB RAM. This means we can get much
more coverage for VM/pmap changes on mips32 and mips64.

(It also makes compiling a lot easier, as it's not constantly paging. :-)

Note: due to "math", you can't use 2048MB of RAM as your specification
on 32 bit MIPS;, you need to specify just a touch below 2 gig or the
math overflows a 32 bit paddr value and you only get 256MB of RAM.
I'll go fix this at some point soon.

This now makes mips32/mips64 testing much nicer. :-)

Next up - why SMP doesn't work!


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