Just a few moments ago, I installed via buildworld/buildkernel a new CURRENT, 
then did
"make delete-old-libs" and by that, libelf.so.2 got killed!

After that, I'm unable to build any world to salvage the problem! Moments 
later, I did
the same procedure on other CURRENT - but in the meanwhile, the obscure 
deleteing of
libelf.so.2 didn't happen again when issue make delete-old-libs. What is that?

More important than to know what shit happened is: how to repair the system? 
FreeBSD source system to bootstrap itself again to provide libelf.so.2? It 
seems, that
libelf.so.2 is necessary (nm, for instance) or linker scripts to install lib. 
this is weird ... and leave those who got trapped by someone eleses mistakes 
dead in the water ...


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