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Subject: mounting CIFS share (tcp/455) with FreeBSD and mount_smbfs(8)

I need to mount a CIFS share from windows server 2012 r2 via CIFS, tcp/445
as NetBIOS service (tcp/139) has been deprecated due to serious
vulnerability issues. .
I desperately need CIFS and I need tcp/445 since tcp/139 is from now on

There's actually alternative available that's far more UNIX-friendly and not
depending on the SAMBA foibles.


Of course, you need to have admin access to the server or get the admins
enable NFS on it.


(I've used the Windows NFS the other way around- FreeBSD NFS shares mounted
with on Win7.) _______________________________________________
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Using others than CIFS is impossible, I'm dependend on existing services.
Within the next forseable time port tcp/139 gets firewalled.

So far I have compiled NETSMB, SMBFS, LIBMCHAIN and LIBICONV (I think the
latter two are prerequests for NETSMB/SMBFS, didn't find much in the very
sparse and unfinished docs for that subject!) into the kernel.

I found this following the exact subject I ran into:


It doesn't work with either SAMBA 4.3 or Windows Server 2012 R2. Consider the
following situation.

Windows/samba server has IP, it's WINS name is locus, its domain is
ASUF the user is pimmel. The passowrd is in /etc/nsmb.conf,



The, following the above instructions, the mount_smbfs(8) command would be

mount_smbfs -I10.0.0.1 -Wasuf -N //pimmel@ /mnt

If -W is fed with ASUF (all uppercase), I get a strange error:

mount_smbfs: invalid local charset specification (IT4)

Connecting to the SAMBA 4.3 server, and with -Wasuf, I get

mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = RPC struct is bad

Connectingto the Windows 2012 R2 server results in

mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = Connection reset by peer

First, the manpage for mount_smbfs(8) is everything else than FreeBSD standard!
There is an unexplained option "-n opt". What is that?

Second, CIFS over tcp/445 seems to be now very(!) common in the Windooze world
- why is that fact not reflected by FreeBSD? I tried to find some
explanations/manpages for "man netsmb" or "smbfs" (the kernel options), but
none found :-(

My interpretation of the above errors are: FreeBSD is incapable to handle CIFS
over tcp/445. The above URL/site claims to have solved the problem, but it
seems not true for CURRENT.

For me, the described scenario works well with base smbfs (on recent HEAD amd64). My configuration differs in some way from yours.

GROUPNAME, SERVERNAME, and USERNAME should be written in capital letters (?), domainname\\username in small letters (?):

# -------------------------------------------
#cat /etc/nsmb.conf

nbns=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  (IPv4 address)


# -------------------------------------------
My entries in /etc/fstab look like this:
### Mountpoints for mount_smbfs (of base system)
//username@servername/dir       /SMB/DIR        smbfs   rw,late 0       0

[and this also works with port 445:]
//username@servername:445/dir   /SMB/DIR        smbfs   rw,late 0       0

# -------------------------------------------
!!! If this was a real hashed password in your mail above, you should change it ...

HTH and greetings,

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