On 2016-03-06 08:54, Larry Rosenman wrote:
On 2016-03-06 08:49, Larry Rosenman wrote:
On 2016-03-06 08:40, Nikolai Lifanov wrote:
On 2016-03-06 09:28, Larry Rosenman wrote:
On 2016-03-06 08:20, Larry Rosenman wrote:
On Sun, Mar 06, 2016 at 03:15:10PM +0100, Dimitry Andric wrote:
On 06 Mar 2016, at 06:20, Larry Rosenman <l...@lerctr.org> wrote:
> On 2016-03-05 18:46, Dimitry Andric wrote:
>> On 06 Mar 2016, at 00:30, Dimitry Andric <d...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>>> On 05 Mar 2016, at 22:32, Dimitry Andric <d...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>>>> I imported the (tentative) 3.8.0 release of clang, llvm, lldb and
>>>> compiler-rt into head, in r296417.  The upstream release is going to be
>>>> very soon now, but I do not expect any changes anymore.
>>>> This was tested with make universe, and a few exp-runs, but there is
>>>> always a chance that you might run into something unexpected, either
>>>> with the base system or ports.  In such cases, please file bugs, and
>>>> make sure you note somewhere in the description that it is related to
>>>> this import.
>>> Please hold off upgrading for now, if you are on amd64, and loading the
>>> aesni.ko module.  It appears that loading this module can cause the
>>> kernel ELF linker to panic, but it is not yet clear why.  This is being
>>> tracked in PR207729 [1].
>> It should be safe again after r296419.  Thanks to Kostik Belousov for
>> the quick fix.  (Clang 3.8.0 generates a different type for unwind
>> sections on amd64, and this was unexpected in the kernel linker.)
>> -Dimitry
>> [1] https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/296419
> I'm getting a crash at startup (mi_startup) with a clang 3.8.0 kernel.
> Picture at:
> http://www.lerctr.org/~ler/FreeBSD/20160305_225532.jpg

It's pretty hard to make out, but it looks like it is panic'ing in
link_elf_reloc_local(). That should have been fixed with r296419, but maybe there is yet another edge case that wasn't fixed. Do you have a
crash dump and/or a backtrace?  Which modules are you preloading?



#hw.usb.quirk.0="0x0bda 0x0129 0x3960 0x3960

I'll see if I can get a better pic with a backtrace. This crash is
WAY early, so no dump :(

acpi_dsdt_load="YES"          # DSDT Overriding

new pic: http://www.lerctr.org/~ler/FreeBSD/20160306_082426.jpg

I loaded everything in this list other than acpi_dsdt override.

- Nikolai Lifanov

still breaks for me without the dsdt override :(

https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/296428 fixes it after installing the new boot1.efi
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