On Mar 9, 2016 4:04 PM, "Miroslav Lachman" <000.f...@quip.cz> wrote:
> Roger Marquis wrote on 03/10/2016 00:36:
>> Wondering if anyone has example patches for zfsboot (from
>> usr.sbin/bsdinstall/scripts)?
>> We're looking to change some of the default zfs subvolumes, removing
/usr in
>> favor of /usr/local in particular, and have run into a "parent does not
>> issue.  It's not clear where in the script the /usr parent dir should be
>> mkdir'd.
> I no nothing about this script but if you want /usr/local as ZFS
filesystem, then you need to create parent (/usr in this case) and you can
use property canmount=off plus different 'mountpoint' (for example
/mnt/usr) to not mount /usr over existing directory on root filesystem.

Set mountpoint=none if you just want to create the parent dataset without
actually using it for storage. Then you can set properties on it, and child
datasets will inherit then. Like pool/usr/local

You'd still need to "mkdir /usr" in the script, but that's separate.
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