On Fri, 26 May 2000 13:19:49 +1000, "Jacob A. Hart" wrote:

> For the past couple of weeks I've noticed rc5des isn't playing friendly with
> the other processes on my system.  When running a CPU intensive task (such
> as a buildworld, MP3 encoder, or xmame) rc5des hogs around 20-30% CPU even
> though, by default, it is niced at +20.

As a datapoint, I have a one week old (2000-05-18) CURRENT box that runs
setiathome all day every day.  When builds kick in, setiathome gets
relagated to the single-digit percentiles in top's display of CPU users.
This is only true when serious building is happening; those aspects of
the build that I can imagine are more I/O than CPU intensive give
setiathome a fighting chance.


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