Hi. Maybe freebsd-hardware list would be the right place, but it's not
so active. :-(

Is 4K quirks needed for every HDDs/SSDs having physical sector size

If so, I would be able to provide patch for Crucial M550 and MX200.
(Possibly covers other models [BX200 etc.] by abstraction.)

  M550(1TB):  device model          Crucial CT1024M550SSD1
              firmware revision     MU01
  MX200(1TB): device model          Crucial CT1024MX200SSD1
              firmware revision     MU03
    -> Abstracted with "Crucial CT*SSD*" or "Crucial CT*", as the part
       "1024" should vary with its capacity and can be 3 to 4 digits
       for now. I tried the former and confirmed "quirks=0x1<4K>"
       appears, which doesn't appear without adding the entry.

If not, is it sufficient if `camcontrol identify <device>` states
"physical 4096" on "sector size" line for everything in kernel and
related components (i.e., zfs-related ones)?


Tomoaki AOKI    junch...@dec.sakura.ne.jp
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