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> Hi. Maybe freebsd-hardware list would be the right place, but it's not
> so active. :-(
> Is 4K quirks needed for every HDDs/SSDs having physical sector size
> 4096?
> If so, I would be able to provide patch for Crucial M550 and MX200.
> (Possibly covers other models [BX200 etc.] by abstraction.)
>   M550(1TB):  device model          Crucial CT1024M550SSD1
>               firmware revision     MU01
>   MX200(1TB): device model          Crucial CT1024MX200SSD1
>               firmware revision     MU03
>     -> Abstracted with "Crucial CT*SSD*" or "Crucial CT*", as the part
>        "1024" should vary with its capacity and can be 3 to 4 digits
>        for now. I tried the former and confirmed "quirks=0x1<4K>"
>        appears, which doesn't appear without adding the entry.
> If not, is it sufficient if `camcontrol identify <device>` states
> "physical 4096" on "sector size" line for everything in kernel and
> related components (i.e., zfs-related ones)?
> Regards.

You only need quirk entries if the device fails to identify its physical
size correctly.  If "camcontrol identify" states "physical 4096", then
you're probably ok, but it's not the best place to ask.  "camcontrol
identify" asks the device directly, whereas "diskinfo -v" asks the kernel.
If "diskinfo -v" says "4096 stripesize" then you're definitely ok.

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