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If you implement a new IO scheduler you can name it whatever you like.
> "NG" isn't any more meaningful than "Netflix."

True, but _NETFLIX as a suffix is bad for three reasons:

1st- it creates a precedent for every sponsoring co. to want their name in
the kernel space.
2nd- I doubt any other company would want to sponsor improvement of
_NETFLIX codebase, and at the same time after how many commits does the
code become so remote from _NETFLIX code so as to have _NETFLIX become a
meaningless piece of nostalgia?
Finally, taking a leaf out of McConnell's Code Complete- variables need to
have an unambiguous and meaningful name- what on earth does _NETFLIX mean:
"to be only used at netflix", "to be used on netflix hardware", "to be used
with netflix's permission", or something else- if you need to look it up,
the variable is named wrongly!

My 2c.


Igor M.
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