> Am 17.04.2016 um 11:05 schrieb Pavel Timofeev <tim...@gmail.com>:
> HI! I've recently got a SSD device. Yes, not a disk, but a device.
> It's called, i. e. one of the first REVODRIVEs.
> It's a PCI-express card with two embedded ssd disks about ~ 55GB size.
> And it's a raid card. Fake software raid. You can set it up as a
> RAID0, RAID1, etc and a CONCATENATION. No way to leave it unconfigured
> or set it as JBOD or something else.
> You just won't be able to boot from this device in that case.

It says „Linux support planned“…

on the product page.

Tried loading the  nvme(4) driver at the countdown?


I’d suspect the Intel SSD 750 series would be a better choice…

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