At 10:34 AM -0600 5/28/00, Warner Losh wrote:
>I need to setup a machine that will boot FreeBSD, NetBSD and
>OpenBSD.  Assume I have an insane amount of disk space.  What's
>the best way to accomplish this?  Last time I tried it, the
>partition ID numbers were all the same, making this difficult
>if not impossible.

FreeBSD and OpenBSD work fine (I've set it up, no problem).
I haven't tried NetBSD yet, as my available disk space is
not yet at the "insane" level (but I hope to be at that level
within a week or two).

If there is a conflict with NetBSD, you could use a boot
manager to solve the problem.  I have used PowerBoot from
(about $30, IIRC), but I'm sure there are plenty of other
options.  You can have the boot-manager change the partition
ID for one set of partitions when booting from some other
partition, effectively hiding the partition.

Once I do hit insane disk-levels, I'm more inclined to try
for a vmware solution, as that means I can have multiple OS's
active simultaneously.  This would not be adequate for low-
level (eg: drivers) or SMP development, but it should work
fine for many of the things I do.

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